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What Are the Benefits of International Trade?

If we have a deep look into the matter, we would find that there are many advantages of international trade. First and foremost, if we want to trade with other countries, there is a big chance for us to do business with them because we can do both local and global trading. One major benefit of international commerce is the freedom it gives to a company to operate anywhere in the world. Another major advantage is that international trade allows the economy of a country to diversify. Moreover, there are some drawbacks too – one major drawback is that sometimes there are exchange rate discrepancies, and there can be political unrest or sudden climate changes etc.


So now let’s take a detailed look at both the advantages and disadvantages of international trade. In the process of doing so, one will come to understand why international trade is beneficial. One of the advantages is that international trade helps a country to diversify. If you are planning to open up a small import/export business, then probably international trade would prove beneficial. It’s because in this way, you will come across a variety of products and prices.

Now, let’s come to the disadvantages. One disadvantage is that there can be a big chance of inflation in the country you are going to sell your goods to. Naturally, export duties and taxes will also be high. But inflation may not be a bad thing because it will help consumers buy more goods at a lower price. The same theory is applied if you want to sell consumer goods abroad. High inflation in the domestic market may lead to a reduction in consumption, but if you happen to sell to a country where the price of the same product has reduced, you may have made some profits.

However, one should also realize that domestic goods usually take a longer time to reach their destination. So in the mean time, they may have to remain idle or be sent to the poor. That means you have to export more to earn a profit. There is also a negative aspect regarding the effect of outsourcing. When a country receives foreign labor, the wages it pays will largely depend on the standard of living of the person who will be doing the work. So it is possible that in the long run, a country will be losing jobs to other countries – thus reducing employment opportunities.

What Are the Benefits of International Trade? – Finally, as I mentioned earlier, the overall results of a country’s export growth depends on its domestic demand. For example, when there is a very high unemployment rate, the export growth is going to be limited because people are not buying products anymore. If unemployment remains high, then the same thing will happen – there will be a drop in domestic demand and the growth of exports will be limited. These are the major benefits of international trade.

In conclusion, I have shown you how the effects of trade deals between the US and China can benefit both parties. However, I have also explained how the US must protect itself from certain negative aspects of these trade deals. For example, some argue that the benefits of these deals are being understated because they do not open up industries and create more jobs. As I mentioned, I have tried to explain all these things to the audience.